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The company culture at Care to Continue® is driven by our core values and a commitment to service. Every decision we make as a company is guided by the question, “Will this result in better care for our clients?”

The founders, Dave Stearns and Tyler Jefcoat, are former missionaries, and they have devoted their lives and careers to service. Care to Continue® is a manifestation of that commitment.

Where does CARE come from?

Care to Continue® was crafted from the beginning by Seniors themselves, is guided by a passionate mission to serve and by a belief that your home is sacred and your life is worthy of respect.

At Care to Continue®, we believe these things about the Seniors we serve…

You are worthy of our respect, and you deserve a safe and secure experience of living in your own homes.

You believe that the goal is to live well – not just a longer, but a better life.

Your home is a sacred place.

“It’s your Home. It’s your Life. You deserve to keep living it.”

Local business serving local clients…

Unlike many of the home care providers that operate in this area, Care to Continue® is locally owned and based in Watkinsville, GA. Likewise, most of our caregivers are longtime members of the community. Simply put, local is better.

Service area

Care to Continue® proudly serves these Athens-area counties:

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